Empowering on-chain liquidity, governance, and cash flow for DeFi protocols
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Redacted Protocol
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Hidden Hand
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Redacted Protocol

Unlock the Influence Economy

The Redacted Protocol is the hub for BTRFLY, which allows users to participate in governance and earn revenue from the Redacted treasury and Redacted's products.
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  • Lock BTRFLY for rlBTRFLY to earn revenue distributed in ETH.
  • Earn BTRFLY emissions through rlBTRFLY to earn a growing share of governance power.
  • Access governance rights to the DAO and shape the future of Redacted.
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Redefining "Liquid"

Pirex is a product by Redacted which creates liquid wrappers that allow for auto-compounding and the tokenization of future yield/vote events
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  • Flexible liquid wrapper that can be applied to any yield-generating asset
  • Deep liquidity, autocompounding and strong peg enforcement for all Pirex markets
  • Native futures exchange that allows users to long, short, and leverage future yield
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Hidden Hand

Get the Most Out of Your Vote

Hidden Hand by Redacted is a marketplace for governance incentives, commonly referred to as "bribes". Protocols can leverage Hidden Hand to enable more efficient governance processes and to engage their voters.
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  • Allow users to get bribed for their vote in respect to snapshot votes, gauge weights, and more
  • Over 10 protocols have integrated with Hidden Hand to to maximize their governance participation
  • Enable a new use-case for your token that attracts new users and DAOs to governance participation
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